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Woodland Sunbeam Painted Nightlight

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This handcrafted "lithophane"; a thin translucent porcelain night light, is made using a lost art from the 1800's. When lit from behind, the light shining through the different thicknesses of the carving causes a highly detailed image to appear in front, almost magically. For the colored pieces, they take it a step further by applying a ceramic glaze to the back of the porcelain, carefully aligning the color with the details in the image, then they kiln fire it again to fuse the color to the porcelain. The colors diffuse through the lit porcelain, adding another layer of beauty. This beautiful image has a broad appeal: men & women, young or old; all are drawn to this ethereal and peaceful forest scene. Dimensions: 5.5" H. x 3.5" W x 2.25" D. 120V 7W incandescent bulb.