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Supernova Celestial Paperweight

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In a moment, a tranquil star's surrounding can be set into a chaotic thermonuclear explosion. An intense Supernova is over in a galactic millisecond, but the echo remains. Supernova Remnants, a conglomerate of colorful plasma and gases, pulse through the universe at 6-million miles per hour and reach unimaginable temperatures. This artisic rendering reminds us of the the forces held within the universe with this portrayal of a Supernova's aftermath. A perfect gift for someone who has blown you away with an impressive performance!
Scientific Spheres
. Inspired by the designer's interpretation of the solar system and beyond, each weight takes a team of 2-3 artists to create. These carefully formed designs use a wide spectrum of specialty colors, dichroic glass, glow material, and precious metals. Depicting the occurrence of the moon passing between the sun and the earth, darkening the sky with an eerie, fascinating light.
Approximately 3" diameter.
Handmade in Seattle, each weight is crafted from high quality glass formed with ash from the Mt. St. Helens eruption of 1980.