Hummingbird 3D Pop Up card

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The Hummingbird pop up features a forest green cover laser-cut with a light green hummingbird hovering above a pink honeysuckle.
Once opened, an intricately designed and colored hummingbird reveals itself suspended above light green panels with wings outstretched behind its back. The Hummingbird’s head has a blue beak, lime green face, red throat, and dark green crown. The bird, hovering over yellow and purple flowers, also has light and dark green wings, a white belly, and orange talons.
Occasions for the Hummingbird card:
Gift the Hummingbird to your nature-loving grandmother, your social bird of a BFF, or a birdwatching hobbyist on their birthday.
The Hummingbird pop up card is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall.