Dog Family Classic 3D Pop Up card

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"The orange cover of the Dog Family pop up card depicts a truly adorable scene; two puppies cuddled up in their little bed. One puppy is sound asleep while the other, a mischievous look on his face, tip toes out of bed. Where is he headed?
You will have to open the card to find out.
Once opened the pop up inside is revealed and tells the rest of the story. A big, smiling dog carries the sneaky pup in its mouth to gently place it with its siblings as the other two puppies sit and sleep in their bed. There is also an embellishment of a puppy playing happily with its favorite ball on the top right corner and another in the bottom left corner of a puppy enjoying its bone.
Occasions for the 3D Dog Family Card:
We feel that this card is perfect for Mother's day or Father's Day. It perfectly captures one of parenthood's best challenges, dealing with a newly mobile little one cannot wait to explore on their own.
Also an excellent choice for baby showers, adoption, and foster celebrations. Even puppy parents, veterinarians, and groomers would be delighted to receive this wonderfully creative gift.
This pop up card is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall.