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Abstract Wedding Invitation Suite

by Designers' Fine Press
  • Description
  • Printing Methods
  • Papers
  • Sizes
  • Embellishments
  • With clean, modern lines and subtle use of differing printing methods to imply more complicated embossing work, the Abstract Suite can be perfectly tailored to a modern couple's sophisticated wedding

  • As Shown:
    Matte Gold Foil and Twilight Thermography Ink

    For the full range of customizable printing methods and colors, please visit the DFP Print Methods and Inks page.

  • As Shown:
    Invitation: Double Layered Twilight Cardstock
    Invitation Envelope: White Square Flap
    Reply Card: White Cardstock
    Reply Envelope Fog Square Flap
    Details Card: Fog Cardstock
    Save the Date: Twilight Cardstock
    Save the Date Envelope: White Square Flap

    For the full range of customizable paper options, please visit the DFP Paper Colors page.

  • As shown:
    Invitation: 9.25" x 5.75" (A10)
    Reply Card: 4.875" x 3.5" (4Bar)
    Details Card: 6.25" x 4.25" (A6)
    Save the Date: 6.25" x 4.25" (A6)

    For the full range of standard card sizes and to see comparisons of the most popular invitation sizes, please view the DFP Size Chart.

  • As Shown:
    Invitation Paper Thickness: Double Layer (approx. combined weight 200#)
    Invitation Edge Treatment: Matte Gold Foil, Straight Edge
    Envelope Liner: Pattern FP013 in Matte Gold Foil and Full Color Digital on White Text

    For more detailed information on embellishment options, please view the DFP Embellishment Options page.

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Our Invitation Studio is open 7 days a week, stop in to touch and feel the richness of the papers and the quality of the printing.

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Pricing for custom stationery products is dependent on a variety factors from quantity, to print method, to selected paper base...Each design we display is a compilation of elements and embellishments (some more noticeable, some that might not even register until we point them out and itemize a price).

Your needs and wishes could vary widely from the next person's, so we handle all pricing on a strictly-tailored-to-the-individual basis.

Because all of our designs are so highly customizable and each client comes from a unique position, we are eager to start a conversation that helps you get the elements of even an "out-of-budget" design built into your final package.

Use the request a quote form below to start the conversation! We will respond with a series of questions meant to get your desired results with a sensitivity to the details and elements of a design that attracted you while working with your budget proactively. For event item quotes like invitations, please include an event date so that we can be certain production timeframes can be met.

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Our Custom Stationery Staff are eager to help you achieve your needs without resorting to haphazard online graphics interfaces that skip balance and beauty in the name of convenience.

Each customer’s order receives the attention of a trained graphic designer ensuring every letter is perfectly placed!