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Designers’ Fine Press Typesetting Options

Typesetting, or what you probably think of as fonts, are central to the stationery design process.  The right typestyles convey the right tone for your event.

  • Serif Fonts impart a sense of authority and history.
  • Sans Serif Fonts lend an air of modernity and simplicity.
  • Classic Script Fonts speak elegantly from the tradition of handwritten communications as known before the computer age.
  • Modern Script Fonts add touches of youthfulness and individuality.
  • Display Fonts when used judiciously can add to a theme, but may not be suitable for long sections of print.

Consider combinations carefully and that sometimes, less is more when it comes to combining typestyles (the best designs rarely have more than 2-3 typestyles).

There are typesetting options for customers looking to include Hebrew text on their invitations; there are common phrases available at no extra charge but extensive text may require an upgraded typesetting fee.