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Designers' Fine Press Edge Treatments

Edge Treatments are one of the little details that can elevate an ordinary stationery item to an extraordinary one.

  • Edge Paint
  • Edge Foil
  • Edge Beveling
  • Torn Edges
  • Corner Rounding and Diecuts
  • Painted edge cards

    Edge Paint can be applied to the edges of cards. It is most effective on cards of 2ply thickness or greater. The chart below shows the colors available for edge painting. Matte colors match the letterpress ink equivalents shown on the DFP Printing Methods and Inks page. Shimmer colors are similar to those shades but benefit from a shimmer component that gives them a slight metallic quality.


  • Foil edged cards

    Edge Foil is the application of truly metallic foils from the Foil Stamping Palette to brighten the edges of cards with real metallic sheen. It is most effective on cards of 2ply thickness or greater.

  • Edge Beveling is accomplished by cutting the edges of a card at an angle instead of straight down. There are two varieties, 65° standard beveling and a more dramatic luxury bevel which has a more deeply angled 45° cut.  Only effective on cards of 2ply or greater, beveling can be left plain or combined with painted or foiled edges and makes those embellishments more dramatic by increasing the surface area to receive color.

  • Previously, only the Arturo Deckled Edge cards were available with rough mold made edges and only in very specific sizes and only in letterpress printing. Torn edges imitate that irregularity on any size or stock and open up the look to be mixed with other printing processes.

  • Corner Rounding is exactly what it sounds like, the corners of a card are rounded to create a softer profile.  It is available in two sizes: 1/4" (most popular) and 1/8" (for smaller rounding diameter).

    Die cutting is a method by which a card is cut into a special shape using a die and press machine.  Dies are size specific, so a particular shape might restrict the size of card used. For the full list of die cuts, please view the DFP Die Cut Chart.