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Designer's Fine Press Custom Envelopes

Designers Fine Press has an impressive variety of envelopes stocked and ready to go, but in the event of a need for a particular size and color combination, not in the usual mix, are happy to create an envelope out of any of the below paper stocks (keep scrolling down to load the full swatch selection).

Palisade Cardstock Envelopes are luxuriously thick protectors of their contents.  They do no have the typical gummed flaps of standard envelopes but come with double sided tape to seal them.

  • Palisade Sizes and Shapes
  • Palisade Envelope Printing
  • Linings and Decorations
  • Sizes and Shapes:

    For diagrams of the corresponding card sizes, please see the DFP Size Chart

  • Palisade Custom Cardstock Envelopes may be digitally printed with return address and/or guest addresses. Other printing processes are not available.

  • Most Palisade Custom Cardstock Envelopes are incompatible with inserted paper linings. The exceptions are French, Geneva and Royalty Cuts; for those envelopes, please see our Envelope Linings page.
    White, Pearl and Cream Palisade Envelopes may (at no additional cost) be printed with a lining-like decoration on the flap interior. These decorations may be selected from the Patterns Library: 

    Damask Patterns 
    Dotted Patterns
    Floral Patterns
    Full Color Floral Patterns
    Fun Patterns
    Geometric Patterns
    Holiday Patterns
    Nature Patterns
    Striped Patterns
    Textured Patterns

    Color Cardstock Palisade envelopes in the Taj, Rondo, Diamond, or Mansart cuts do not qualify for either inserted linings or printed interior decorations.

White & Cream Papers

Matte Color Papers

Metallic Shimmer Papers