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Bella Figura Paper Options

The paper options from Bella Figura are:

  • Classic Whites & Ivories: Bella Figura's exclusive core selection of papers comes in three colors and two textures.  Bella Cotton is a pillowy cotton paper with addictive texture that will never disappoint.  Bella Smooth Cotton is available for digital printing compatibility and has an excellent smoothness for someone wanting a more subdued feel.
  • Matte Color: Bella Color paper options bring pops of color and accept a wide variety of printing easily, though you will find that darker inks and contrasting colors give the best results. Generally Foil Stamping is the ideal print method for color stocks.
  • Metallic Papers: Bella Metallic Color papers add a sparkling shimmer and are best paired with Foil Stamping for effective printing.
  • Handmade Papers: Bella Handmade Cotton cards are pulled one card at a time at North America’s preeminent papermaker, Twinrocker Paper in Indiana. The cards have a natural deckle edge and a completely natural surface that’s elegant and timeless. These papers may be printed in letterpress or foil stamping.

We recommend that you make your paper selection in full consultation with our specialist staff, please contact us for details.

Scroll down through the full list below and click a swatch for a larger, more detailed view with envelope availability and stock limitations.

White & Cream Papers

Matte Color Papers

Metallic Shimmer Papers

Decorative Specialty Papers and Fabrics