Elizabeth Blackwell: A Curious Herbal 2021 Wall Calendar

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Art and medicine meet in the classic botanical drawings by Elizabeth Blackwell. In her groundbreaking collection, published in the 1730s, Blackwell documented a global array of medicinal fruits and flowers used by London apothecaries. Her primary purpose: make enough money to get her husband out of prison. It worked (for better or worse). And while her husband found his way into more trouble, Blackwell became famous across Europe. Among her delicate florals are the enticing cardamom, the soothing aloe, the notoriously smelly voodoo lily, and a variety of plants that were extremely uncommon in Blackwell’s time. Whether you’re a master botanist or budding gardener, or you simply love a good bouquet, the twelve drawings in this calendar will fill your year with delightfully curious herbals. Size: 12 x 26 inches, open.